Let me reintroduce myself.

Hi Everyone! If you haven’t noticed already my name is Tina. I’m 23 years old and I’m from PA. I’m not to sure what I’m doing but I always wanted to be a writer so, I figured starting a blog would be the best way! I always have so much on my mind that I would love to get out but I still have no clue what to write about haha.

I guess I should start off with tell you a little bit about myself ..Well for starters I work at a hair salon! After high school I went to Empire Beauty School & graduated from there in June of 2012. Sadly, I still have yet to take my boards to become a licensed Cosmotologist because I’m terrible at test’s! Everyone always says, “Oh, it’s so easy, you’ll be fine” but what they don’t understand is I’ve always been a horrible test taker. Like I freeze, and with the state boards you have to pay each time you take it. They’re not cheap! There’s so much pressure with taking it that my fear stops me from doing so. Speaking of fears, I’m literally afraid of everything. I know you’re probably thinking like, “what do you mean everything”? I guess you could say I’m more afraid of the unknown. Like the fact you never know what’s going to happen, like ever, with anything! I always say I wanna go to a psychic so they can tell me about my future, so I know what to expect but then I get to scared because what if she tells me something I don’t wanna hear or something I’m not going to like. Lol you’re probably reading this like, okay this girl is so weird but I’m just typing what comes to mind! Okay well another fun fact is, I’m obsessed with YouTube & watch my fav beauties doing their make up tutorials everyday! I love EVERYTHING about makeup. That is also like my biggest dream, to be a make up artist!  I watch them so much that my boyfriend gets so mad because he thinks he has to fight for my attention now haha. Speaking of boyfriend, his name is Kenny & we have been together for a little over two years now. Off & on for about 5 years though. I’m sure you ask, why off and on? Well, to be honest, I always felt like we were so different that we would never last. Little did I know, opposite’s really do attract and we weren’t as different as I thought! His persistant attitude paid of, finally, and he swept me off my feet. With in those many years of trying and not even being officially he showed me so much more then any other boyfriend has, which was never giving up on someone you truly care about & to me that’s real love! We live together and we have pretty much the entire time we’ve be dating, so we pretty much know eachother very very well. We purchased our first home the begining of the month & we couldn’t be any more excited! We own a mutt, his name is Ace! I would tell you what he is but honestly I’m not to sure. When we got him they said he was a beagle lab mix, but the longer we’ve had him the more we realize, he’s not. Haha he looks like a mix between a pitbull, fox hound, boxer, with like lab hair. But uh this is already so much longer then I expected it to be.

So until next time!..


Get to know me!

hi everyone,

my names tina and i’m 23 years old. i’m expecting a baby boy in march & i couldn’t be more excited! i’m also in an amazing relationship and the happiest i’ve been in my life. i’m obviously new to this site but i am a previous blogger, even though writing this now i feel like i have no clue what to talk about haha.


so if anyone reads this, i’d love to hear some ideas on what to write about..

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